Video Doorbell -- Turn off Motion Alert SOUNDS in home, but retain Motion Alert Function

Here is what I want to do:

  1. Have my Ring Video Doorbell record motion at my front door.
  2. Provide alerts to the devices I have hosting the Ring App. Use the settings on those devices to control what type of Notifications I receive through them (sound, vibration, nothing, etc.)
  3. Hear NO SOUNDS triggered by Video Doorbell motion detection in my home, where the Video Doorbell is located.

Trying to achieve this, I first found the Motion Alert slider for the Video Doorbell doesn’t seem to do anything. At least it never turned off Motion Alerts in my home. The only way I’ve been able to turn off the sounds is to customize the motion detection zone, essentially making the entire area around the video doorbell a dead zone when it comes to motion detection. But this does not allow me to monitor motion on my devices, per step 2.

All I want to do is cancel the SOUNDS. How does one do that?

Hi @Curmudgeon10. It is absolutely possible to turn off just the Alert Tones. This can be done in the Ring app under Device Settings > Alert Settings. This Help Center here article has great information on this process. I hope this information is helpful!