Video Doorbell - Static in Live View when pressing speaker icon

When in live view if I press the speker icon, I recieve a lot of static and crackling noise. Video quality is fine, n nise when pressing speaker icon. Nise is heard on the iPhone 10. No static or crackling is heard on the physical doorbell.

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Hey @gunpowder, have you made sure you have the most up to date app? This is a great place to start, or to even just uninstall and reinstall the app. Please give this a go and let us know if it helps that noise!

Hi Chelsea,
I deleted the app and re-installed from Apple Store. Still same symptom. When in live view when I press the speaker icon, there is a lot of noise, almost sounds like a static telegraph humming.

I just read a post on another thread with the same static issue. They found a way to solve their issue. Make sure that you are using Ring’s notification sounds and nothing else on your phone. Supposedly they had another sound and after they went back to Ring notifications, they no longer have any static. Hopefully this may help here as well.

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Hi @gunpowder - did you get this figured out? I have the same issue on the PC App (Windows 10). It’s only happening in Live mode, if I exit and go back to the recording through the History I can hear the sound fine, but that’s not very user-friendly when trying to speak with a visitor in real-time…

Hi submarinerdave, worked with Ring support, even got a replacement, issue seems to be my ISP is DSL and the upload speed is too slow.

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Ah, that would also explain the “choppiness” of the static (vs just white noise) as well. I didn’t realize that it had to be sent outside of my local network and then get pulled back down in the Live view, but I can see how that could cause an issue like this.

Thanks for the quick response!