Video doorbell solid white light

Hi, my ring doorbell is staying solid white, when I press and hold the orange button on the back it goes off after 5 seconds, but no matter how long I keep holding it, as soon as I let go the white light come back on solid white. Stays like this while charging and won’t connect to the app to possibly update software

Hi @Mscherryx. Your Doorbell will have a white light when it is hardwired to a previous doorbell setup, or when charging to indicate that it is charging. Do you have the Doorbell hardwired? When you preform the reset, the light will go away because it is resetting, and comes back after the reset if it’s still plugged up. When you state that it will not connect to the app, are you unable to load a Live View, or unable to set up the device/reconnect to wifi from the Device Health section?