Video doorbell signal jamming

Just to make owners aware, theives are now using a signal jammer to block video recording. We assume this is via WiFi and is new technology they are using

Signal jamming isn’t a new technology, and, in the US anyway, is illegal…always has been. But then again, so is/has stealing…and if you have something someone else wants, they’ll try and (quite possibly succeed) get/take it from you.

In the end, a sophisticated thief will have many tools in his/her kit to disarm, disable and circumvent ANY security system, up to and including the tried, true and less often used, spray paint. Moreover, those who have perfected the art will have surveyed the establishment for days/weeks/months before executing… unfortunately, systems that are not active 24/7 (and employ consistent reviews of the information/data collected), will likely never present and therefore prevent break-ins such as these. Still, casing the joint remains rare, especially in residential situations.

The key word in any home or small business security system is prevention…give the thieves multiple reasons to “look” elsewhere. This includes proper lighting (on/off at varying intervals). Another best practice is the use of non-descript signage indicating the property is protected (anyone who uses signage that indicates who/what is monitoring said property is beyond foolish. I have never understood why manufacturers, Ring included, do this other than being an invitation and marketing campaign). I liken it to lock manufacturers that include the name and model on the device (for all the world to see). Once again, making it easier for the thief and it’s free advertising. Thanks for the assist, Master, Schlage and many others! Other options include the use of multiple camera systems, including those that are hidden and/or appear to be something else (e.g., teddy bear camera, picture frame, etc.) as well as those that have the option to record locally (e.g., SD card or NVR).

Thankfully, in my neck of the woods, the majority of those who commit break-ins remain uneducated and highly motivated to get it done ASAP (i.e., stupid and impatient).