Video Doorbell Recording 120-Seconds Now!

Heard that Battery-Powered Video devices now have a Recording-Length up to 120-seconds!

Ring Doorbells are Battery-Powered (When Hard-wired, the battery still really powers the unit while getting a ‘trickle-charge’ from the Hard-wire). The Ring Doorbell Pro is the only exception because it truly is powered by the Hard-wire.

About 5 days ago (Aug 21), a new firmware got automatically downloaded into my Plug-in Stick-Up cameras. Since these are outlet powered (no battery) the default recording-time maximum was 60-seconds. But with this new firmware, I now have multiple-interval-options for my recording time (15-seconds up to 120-seconds)!

Now all my Plug-in Stick-Up cameras are set for a the new maximum of 120-seconds recording length! When I checked my other video devices, this new Video recording option was not available . . . . UNTIL today (Aug 25)! Now my Video Doorbell 2 is also set for 120-seconds! So I’m guessing when a device receives the ‘roll-out’ for feature, it can vary between device models and your location (I’m located on the east coast of USA).

When this new option appeared, I found it in the “Video Settings” part of my App, and you have to tap on the ‘30-seconds’, not on the words “Max Recording Length.” And in every case (for 4 cams), I had to re-attempt multiple times before it finally ‘took’ the new selected time (it kept displaying ‘Failed’). Stubborn cameras I guess . . . or my cameras were in as much shock as I was. LOL, Cameras were ‘stubborn’ only on the initial set-up with this new feature. After the new time-length finally ‘Saved’ successfully, I can now change/adjust/save these time-setting with ease.

THANK YOU RING!! Yes Yes! We are very excited! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Now, I’m eagerly awaiting for this video option to show up for my Ring Indoor Cameras (which are still at the default max of 60-second length) and these are true non-battery devices .

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Confirmed, working on my Doorbell 3 since today and on my Stick-up cam battery for a few weeks.

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THANK YOU RING!! Yes Yes! We are very excited! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Note that I could only do this from my cell phone, not the app on my computer. Also, the instructions in the article left steps out for what I had to do. I had to do the following:

  • Open the main menu in the top left hand corner of your Ring mobile app
  • Select Devices and then the device you would like to update its recording length
  • Select Device Settings at the bottom
  • Select Video Settings at the top
  • Scroll down and select Video Recording Length
  • Tap on Max Recording Length and then tap on the record time to choose your preferred maximum record time.
  • Tap Save in the upper right corner
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Mine has been changed but it is still not recording for 120 seconds

@Cha804 wrote:
Mine has been changed but it is still not recording for 120 seconds

Hello @Cha804 ,

If you have enabled either the " Motion Verification" or" Advanced Motion Detection" settings (depending on your current configuration), either of these will not only tailor your motion detection, but they also will “Trim” short your video length to prevent empty footage recordings. If you prefer the full-length durations that your selected for your video length, you might want to disable these.

For Motion Verification Setting:

For Advanced Motion Detection Setting:

So your video length may be ‘trimmed’ shorter in these cases. I hope you find this information useful. :slight_smile:

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