Video Doorbell random alerts for shadows and trees, NO ALERTS FOR ACTUAL PEOPLE

I have had the Ring doorbell for just over a year and it is now worthless! Unless anyone wants a $150 paper weight. It worked somewhat well for the first 8 months then just decided to do whatever it wanted. (yes the battery is fully charged, wifi connection is good, device health fine according to the app)
I am getting constant motion alerts when nothing is there, it’s picking up shadows and tree branches though I have set, reset, the reset again all the recommended motion settings/customizations that do absolutely nothing. I’ve included a photo (since they only allow 1 per post of course) of the alerts I keep getting just today. All day alerts and nothing to see. It’s even picking up cars driving by though I’ve got my custom motion zones set that do not cover the street.
Worst of all IT WON’T ALWAYS ALERT ME FOR ACTUAL PEOPLE AT MY DOOR! I have literally walked right up to my front door, stood in front of the doorbell for a second, and entered my home without a single notice from the app! Yet I need to know that the tree branch swayed in the wind and made a shadow on the sidewalk???
The IT team at Ring seriously needs to do something with this. I honestly can’t believe the company is okay with such horrible product and technology.

Exactly the same issue I’m having, I walk down my drive and nothing but picks cars up nowhere near my zone, I’m fed up of paying £2.50 a month for security of being able to look at videos if anything happens, a little boy walked on my garden with his dog which I saw through the window but I got no alert, could of been a burglar.

This has been happening to me as well for about 2 months now. If it does set off motion, it’ll be the very back end of a car, or right after a person turns the corner from leaving our front door… its infuriating. But I always no when a semi drives by a half acre away and when a bug flies by

Hi neighbors. There a few things to look at when you are experiencing these symptoms of inconsistent notifications. First, you’ll need to adjust your Motion Frequency. This will determine the dwell time that is set between motion events. You can learn about Motion Frequency here.

Also, you’ll want to make sure that your Doorbell is properly positioned. This Community post here has great information on optimizing your Doorbell Motion detection. You can also share an image of your Doorbell so the Community can offer insight on ways to help improve.