Video Doorbell Pro Wont Connect

Purchased Video DB Pro in May '19 for new house(unoccupied until Dec. '21 ) Installed today, with new 16V 30VA transformer. Hooked up ProPower to mechanical chime. Re-booted router. Turned power off at breakers, and restarted. Deleted Ring App & reinstalled on phone. The Pro will not get out of the flashing blue light cycle after 2 hrs +.
What’s the problem I’m missing/creating ?

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Are older ring pro doorbells 5G capable?

Turn off the power to your Ring Pro at the breaker box for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. See if your Ring Doorbell automatically reconnects. Press the side button on the Ring Pro to put the device in Setup mode

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Hi @RingWontwork. The Ring Pro has a small capacitor in it. Upon initial connection, the Light will flash blue until this capacitor is full. It could take up to 8 hours for this to charge all the way. After it is fully charged, your Ring Pro should automatically enter setup mode.

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Hi @6e2bb536bf58329b55fe0523d8a1f4. The Ring Pro is 5GHz compatible!