Video Doorbell Pro Voltage status difference

Has anyone had this issue? Just noticed under the app’s devices section, it shows “poor voltage” for the doorbell, however, when I select the doorbell and go to device health, it’s telling me transformer voltage good. Are these two voltage statuses measuring different things (one voltage at the transformer and one at the doorbell)?

I have the doorbell going to a transformer and that to an internal mechanical chime with the power kit battery. It’s been wired this way for about 5 years now. Could the battery or transformer be going bad?

Hi @user28985. Is the Pro turning off and showing as offline? It sounds like there could be some type of miscommunication between the Pro and the Ring app. Check that your Ring app and smart phone have the most recent updates. Also, try rebooting your Pro from the Ring app. Please let me know if these steps were helpful.