Video Doorbell Pro: Turning light off at night breaks aperture

At night, if the porch light is turned off, the doorbells video goes very dark and doesn’t come back till day time. The next night, it works fine. I replaced the power adapter thing and the transformer appears to be providing enough current.

Hi @jross. Would you be able to upload a picture of what your are seeing at night? This will help the Ring Community be able to determine what might be happening. Thanks, neighbor.


Here is a video demonstrating what occurs when the porch light is turned off and then turned back on.

Hi @jross, happy to chime in for Tom here. It looks like your Doorbell has a lot of brick wall in its view. This means that when the porch light is turned off, the Doorbell’s lights reflect off of the wall back onto the Doorbell which will impact how the view at night appears. I’d suggest using a Corner Kit to try and angle the Doorbell’s view more towards the walkway outside so less of the wall is in its view. This will prevent the light from reflecting off the wall and impacting the Doorbell’s view at night. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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