Video Doorbell Pro: speaker "buzz"

May I ask whether anyone (else) is finding that their doorbell _ SPEAKER _ “buzzes?”

In our case, the signal feeds through in a timely fashion (no time-lag issues: the internet connection is fine), but the speaker simply sounds like a bumblebee.

Sound quality in the other direction is great: from the app (any device) you can hear very clearly whatever your visitors are saying to you.

I assume the speaker itself is damaged or is “buzzing” against its frame. Is this a common/known issue of product quality? Or did I make a mistake in my installation method?


We took the time to remove screws, re-position covers, adjust screw tightness, etc. No effect; doorbell speaker still buzzing.

So then we experimented with how the “indoor” person spoke into the app. There we found some success by having the indoor person hold the phone at arms’ length, rather than near their face, or even on desk (“speakerphone” mode.)

The indoor person had to talk more loudly and “CLEAR-LY,” but the clarity was better, as heard through the doorbell speaker.

My conclusion is that in the hopes of remedying previously-reported “low volume at doorbell speaker” issues, Ring may have offered a software update that OVER-amplified the voice transmission… leading to the “buzzing” that we are experiencing.

Other information, suggestions or opinions most welcome…