Video Doorbell Pro Resistor

Do I need to use a resistor with a Video Doorbell Pro if no chime is being used?
I have 17.8 VAC at the Video Doorbell Pro terminals and the unit goes offline and has no lights.
Disconnecting the power and reconnecting it brings it back online but it goes offline soon afterwards.
I also have a 50W 25Ohm resistor in line powering the doorbell.
Could the resistor be the cause of the problem. I am seeing wiring diagrams showing using and not using a resistor.

@ChrisAVI Are you in the USA? If you are no you shouldn’t need the resistor but you will need the pro power kit.

Yes I am in the USA.
Should I connect the Pro Power Kit to the two terminals on the transformer?

Hi @ChrisAVI. Yes you will need to use the Pro Power Kit even if you do not have a chime kit. When wiring a Ring Doorbell Pro directly to a transformer, you can use the wiring diagram found here for some guidance on the installation. There will be a diagram for One Ring Doorbell Pro Direct to Transformer that you can use. If you follow that diagram and make sure the Pro Power Kit is in use, everything should work properly. :slight_smile: