Video Doorbell Pro - motion alert notifications stopped but ring alerts still working

My Video Doorbell Pro has suddenly stopped sending notifications for motion alerts, but still notifies for ring alerts. This began on May 28th just before noon EDT and with no manual changes on my part to the doorbell’s settings or my Android phone’s settings.

I have tried everything listed in How to Troubleshoot Ring Notification Issues for Android Devices including reinstalling the Ring app, toggling notification buttons in the system app setting, rebooting the doorbell, and restarting my phone.

What else can I try? Are there known issues?

Video Doorbell Pro
Voltage: Good (18V)
Signal: RSSI - 40
Firmware up-to-date

Phone: Google PIxel 4a 5G (up-to-date software)
Ring App: 3.60.0

Hi @calanan. There are no known issues that would cause this to suddenly stop sending Motion Alerts. I would try toggling off Motion Alerts, exiting the app, opening it back up and toggling ON Motion Alerts. Also, make sure that your phone and Ring app are up to date with the latest version.

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I did all that but nothing changed. Also, I noticed that the doorbell would still respond to rings, and they would show up in the history but I could not enter Live View, the app would just give an error that it could not connect to the doorbell.

I ended up completely removing the doorbell from wired power, let it sit for about 5-10 mins then reconnected it and it’s back to normal, and has been working fine since.

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