Video doorbell Pro - Install

I’m trying to install my ring doorbell pro and I took a look in my chime box to find that my bell isn’t currently wired to the transformer. My dinger currently works but is wired to the Front and Rear only. I took a multi meter and read 18V. Do I need to connect the Pro Power Kit? If so, how? The installation guides say to connect to the Front and Transformer terminals. See photo below…


Glad you asked, @Jryba! When installing a Video Doorbell Pro, the Pro Power Kit is indeed required to be installed, either at the chime kit, or as a bypass. Based on the image example, your wiring type looks good, and you should only need the “front” and “trans” wires in order to install the Pro Power Kit.

I invite you to check out our Hardwiring Guide for the Video Doorbell Pro, as it provides a complete checklist of variables to check, including wiring diagrams! :slight_smile: