Video Doorbell Pro in new house, no pre-existing doorbell

We built a house and had the electricians pre-wire doorbell wire. We were always intending on using Ring, so we have no pre-existing doorbell contraption - just the wire. We don’t want to run a power cord to the doorbell outside. I’m wondering if we can install something inside where the doorbell wires end at the data cabinet that provides power… if that makes sense ?

i’m happy to buy a cheap doorbell if need be…

Hi @Seymour45. The Ring Pro is capable of being direct wired to a transformer, which can be seen in this Help Center article here. We do advise on using a 16VAC, 30VA rated transformer. During the setup, you can select None for chime kit type and the Doorbell will configure to get the correct voltage. If you’re looking to power the doorbell with an ethernet cable, you ring our Ring Elite.