Video Doorbell Pro Dying

I purchased my unit from US and installed at my home in Istanbul, Turkey. It was all good for months but it is dead for the last two days.

They have agreed to send a replacement unit but I am worried I will have to pay the full price as I don’t think it will be able to make it here so I can send the faulty unit within 30 days.

Something is definitely wrong on their Ring’s part. This really can’t be a coincidence.

I agree… This is a little too coincidental for this many users to have their doorbells fail in exactly the same way on or about the exact same day…

Anyone from RING watching this thread??? Ball’s in your court!!

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My Ring Pro is dead too. Transformer fine and power at the ring so it’s not a wiring issue. It went dead this week.

I can add a “Me Too” to this thread.

This is the second Ring doorbell we’ve had that has died after about 2 years in service.
Update: Callled Ring Support and they’re sending us a new one at no cost. Kudos as they’re standing behind their product even though it’s well beyond the warranty period.

Please contribute your voltage and RSSI level at

Add me to the crowd. Had mine since July 2017 and have had occasional power issues. Replaced the transformer with a 24V six months ago and was doing well until yesterday. Checked voltage at transformer, doorbell chime and at door (Ring connections) and all were reading 26V. Connected doorbell, switched on the breaker, and saw the white ring go around twice, then nothing. Push button - nothing. Hard reset - nothing.

Looking at other manufacturers now.

Same event for me as well same time frame.

Had my RIng Pro for two years. Has worked okay - always freezes when I try to talk to people but still functional. On 11/23/19, it simply died. How can so many doorbells die in a such a short time?

Mine died today!

Mine died today was fine for almost a year. Tech on phone recommended replacement. I have the same situation as all of you. One thing different, mine was flashing blue right on the 9 to 10 o’clock position. I powered it down, powered down WiFi, disconnected power, etc., reconnected power, hit reset and all I got was this blue pulse flash right on the area indicated.

Has been installed for approximately 11 months. Got it at Costco and will be returning it tomorrow.

OK, worrying thread here. Installed a Ring Pro today that was purchased as a black friday deal.

It worked fine for about 15 minutes and died while I was installing the Alexa skills.

Still measuring 18V at the leads of the doorbell (used the 12V on the transfo that came with it, the 24V output on the transformer reads 30V so I choose not to connect to that one but use the 12V instead wich results in 18V at the door).

Contacted customer support and they are sending out a replacement, but after reading all this…

BartPe, I measured 18V at the doorbell leads as well; I find all of the “tech” talk about checking for a dead transformer rubbish. Mine is too old to get a replacement (lucky you). Maybe these products should come with a 2 year guarntee - after two years you are guaranteed to need a new one.

Ok, but mine only served for 15 minutes :slight_smile:
I expect that bit more when buying a high end product.

Mine worked for 2 years or so as well and suddenly died the same week as many of you (week before Thanksgiving). There is power but the ring doesn’t show any lights or activity at all. It won’t even activate the chime. I replaced it with the old doorbell switch today. :frowning:

Has anyone heard anything? It is obviously out of warranty, so I’m assuming it is another device for the electronics recycling pile.

Many have called customer service and received a new unit, even out if warranty. It’s worth a shot.

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Mine was replaced since Ring verified that the firmware update bricked it. Nice customer service, New unit working great.

My first doorbell pro worked for 2 months then it stopped working, so I contacted Ring and I got a replacement, got it today and initial setup went well, but I think it is only work for 10 minutes and it went dead again, after reading your post I feel better now, because it looks like it is Ring’s problem, I did not kill it!

Does it try to download/install new firmware immediately after initial setup?

@Commanderadama wrote:
Mine was replaced since Ring verified that the firmware update bricked it. Nice customer service, New unit working great.

Do you know what firmware version you are on now, and which firmware version bricked your Doorbell Pro?

An update from my end. I finally got around to calling Ring Support and they were very helpful. Shipped out a replacement in short order and i installed the new Ring last week. All good since.

Interestingly, my firmware now shows “Up to Date” as opposed to a version… When I installed it, it said (if i remember correctly) something like 1.16.xxxxxx

Anyway, if you haven’t called Ring Support, I highly recommend you do so. It’s relatively painless; only took about 20 mins from start to end. Very good customer service.