Video doorbell pro drops wifi

Hi. My video doorbell pro sets up fine. But after 10 minutes it disconnects from the WiFi and I get the flashing white circling light and have to go through the setup to connect it again. No power issues at all. Chime is fine but the doorbell keeps dropping Wi-Fi. Resetted the router but same again. Any suggestions please,

I am having same issue. A couple hours on the phone with Ring support going through the routine of checking all connections, which I already checked and tripled checked beforehand. The tech made the determination the firmware was attempting to update after a few minutes of connecting to the wifi and then being disconnected and dropped. A replacement doorbell was sent out, while the tech insisted it would work with no problem. Set it up with the same exact issue. At this point I either find an answer, try a different model, or forget Ring and go with a different brand all together.

Has anyone had any resolve with this issue?

Installed mine today, dropps constantly.

Why can’t ring support reset there Wi-Fi routers