Video Doorbell Pro cracked button issue - replacement promised BUT nothing! Ring makes junk and is best avoided

Usual problem - Ring Video Doorbell Pro bought a couple of years back but the button’s cracked already. Online chats with Ring produced two promises to send a replacement and initially I was impressed.

That was in early September, but since then nothing at all. No replacement, and although someone calling herself Sarah promised to sort it out and emailed regularly for a few days, she’s now refusing to reply and there’s obviously not going to be a replacement for this expensive piece of junk.

Result? The Ring alarm system I was planning to buy isn’t going to happen, and I’ll buy nothing further from Ring.

I’d strongly advise anyone to avoid Ring like the plague - it’s not a company you want to do business with.

Hi @dmuk. Were you chatting on The Ring Chat team does not do replacements, but rather answers general questions. Was the email you received from an authorized ring email address? If possible share a screenshot of your email message or direct message me this information so I can look into this for you. The only team that replaces devices are our support team, and they are reached by calling in.