Video Doorbell Pro - Buzzing Pro unit - Solved


  1. I followed the instructions in the manual and the app. When I came to the part where I’m supposed to install the Pro network module, it showed a type of doorbell different from mine. Mine isn’t labeled with a “Front” and “Com”, or whatever was displayed. Mine’s just an old fashioned doorbell with two terminals and a transformer with three terminals (I bought the transformer specifically for Ring because the old fashioned transformer was only 10V).

  2. Because there weren’t clear instructions - or even any indication of what the pro module does or what we’re trying to achieve with the connections, I installed this between the two terminals of my transformer.

  3. Setup finished, things worked fine.

4. A few days later I noticed a strange buzzing. I eventually figured out it was the pro network module.

  1. After research and a lot of trial and error, I figured out my mistake. The intent is to complete the circuit with the pro network unit, in series with the Ring and in parallel to the doorbell to give it power. By bridging the transformer it’s in parallel with the Ring and doorbell circuit, which must be a problem.

  2. Moving the pro network module to bridge the two doorbell terminals solved the problem and removed the buzzing.


  • Please clearly describe what the Pro module does - in the documentation and on the box. I’m still not sure if it’s a cellular device or somehow connects to my wifi network.
  • Please describe the intended circuit in the documentation. Not everyone’s doorbell will be labeled or set up the same.

Hi @mgangemi. When setting up a Ring Pro, it’s best to follow along with the instructions in the Ring app. This Community post here is a great guide for installing the Ring Pro. If you experience a buzzing sound, it’s an indication that something is not installed correctly and power should be disconnected immediately. If you need assistance with this, contact a qualified electrician.

I feel like you’re not hearing me.

The instructions only show one model of doorbell, and don’t describe either what the pro module does or what the intended circuit is. I’ve solved my problem, with enough internet research. I’m just trying to help you improve your product.

Hi @mgangemi. The Pro Power Kit is required for installation with the Video Doorbell Pro as it helps ensure the Doorbell Pro receives sufficient power. It’s not a cellular or wifi enabled device, you can think of it more as a part of the doorbell circuit after it’s installed.

I’m glad you were able to resolve your concern and get your Doorbell Pro up and running. Given that not everyone’s chime kit will look the same or be labeled the same way, the diagrams or documentation for installation will be simple. I know this can then make it confusing if your chime kit has no labels, so thank you for sharing your feedback.

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