Video Doorbell Pro - Audio Issues

Installed the Video Doorbell Pro and really like the seamless integration with the Alexa app and my other devices. and Video Quality But with that said there is an audio issue at the doorbell. It seems that ~50% of the audio drops out at the doorbell and the person at the door is not fully receiving the sent audio. No issues with the audio being received from the doorbell as it is clear on Alexa and our mobile devices. The device is within 10 feet of the Wi-Fi Modem so signal strength should not be an issue. Questions;

  1. Is there a way to reboot the device short of disconnecting power
  2. Are others experiencing this issue and how have they resolved
  3. Is the device possibly defective and should I return for a replacement
    Any solutions offered are appreciated. BB

Hi @Thumper1. Have you tested the two-way audio using a different smartphone or tablet? Doing so would help narrow down if this concern is on the Doorbell’s side or if it’s something with the phone specifically. If you have any Bluetooth watches or earbuds connected to your phone, try disconnecting these while you use the two-way audio to see if that resolves this. We also have additional audio troubleshooting tips here that may be helpful.