Video Doorbell Pro and existing doorbell

I currently have a Ring Video Doorbell and I’ve just purchased the Video Doorbell Pro. Currently, my existing Ring Video Doorbell is connected to a Ring Chime. I am reading the installation instructions for the Video Doorbell Pro, and it’s saying it needs to be connected to the existing doorbell wiring.

I was never able to hardwire my original Doorbell so we just use the rechargeable feature and use the Ring Chime. The old house doorbell chime was “covered up” aka we disconnected it and plastered over the hole.

Do I need to reinstall a doorbell chime to that area? Am I able to disconnect that doorbell chime sound and use my Ring Chime instead? I dont mind tearing the wall open again, just need to make sure I’m not missing anything before I do. And I would prefer to use my Ring Chime instead of a doorbell chime.


Glad to hear about your recent Ring purchase! The Ring Pro does require to be hardwired, whether through a chime kit or direct transformer for it to function to its full potential. We suggest hiring an electrician if you do not feel comfortable installing the Pro yourself. Let us know if you have any other questions!