Video Doorbell Pro and existing doorbell - UK

I had read that it was possible to wire the Ring Video Doorbell Pro in addition to an existing doorbell, so that you replace the old doorbell button with the Ring and connect it so that the old doorbell chimes when the Ring button is pressed.
I’ve just received our Ring Video Doorbell Pro with plug in adapter here in the UK, but I can’t find any information on how to make this work, and there’s no Pro Power kit in the box.
There is a doorbell bypass device in the box, but I don’t want to bypass it, I want to include it.
Is it possible, please?

Hi there, @charlieannear! The Installation of a Ring Pro in the UK will require the use of the include 24VAC transformer. Since most doorbells in Europe are designed to work with 12VAC transformers, your existing doorbell will no longer work properly once the 24VAC transformer has been installed. That issue is addressed by installing the Pro Power Kit V2, which is designed to bypass your existing doorbell.

Check out our help center article for more tips and installation steps. You might also find other solutions shared by neighbors. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician if you are unsure or uncomfortable with wiring. :slight_smile: