Video doorbell pro 2: using the old buttin & the ring

video doorbell pro 2:
I ran a new wire & mounted the ring doorbell on the on the opposite side of the door frame, for better visibility.
Can I leave the old button hooked up /
Use both buttons at the same time /
Piggy back / daisy chain the pro 2 off my old doorbell button?

seems to be working fine, eather button press will chime my mechanical doorbell now. Basically just wanting to double-check this is ok to do.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @G4. This is not a recommended way to install your Doorbell Pro 2 with a pre-existing chime. I would suggest installing your Pro 2 as instructed in our installation guide, as any other way could affect your Pro 2’s performance now or later on. If you need any further assistance with your Doorbells hardwiring, I strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician for further assistance.