Video Doorbell Pro 2 - Transformer Question

Just installed Video Doorbell Pro 2. Device Health shows Transformer Voltage Poor (15V) and power output level 2. If i try to turn on package alerts it says feature requires more power. Transformer is original to house (1962). I did a voltage check before installation and i was getting 17-18 volts. I would imagine my old transformer doesnt have enough amperage out. Transformer is in the attic ( i think) so i want to replace once with the correct one. Any recommendations? I know the Pro 2 Wired takes more power ( 16-24 VAC 50/60HZ, **30-40VA max). The one ring sells looks to be 16v-30VA. Would i be better getting a 16v-40VA or maybe a 24v - 40VA?

Hi @tecboy. As long as the transformer you get is within the range of the power requirements listed for the Doorbell Pro 2 (16-24 VAC 30-40VA max, 50/60Hz), you should be good to go. I’ll leave this thread open so other neighbors can chime in with their experience as well. :slight_smile:


I did not want to start a new thread so hopefully someone can help me with my installation. I’m installing a video doorbell pro 2. My existing transformer is not putting out enough power so I ordered the one that ring recommended. I’ve decided just to remove my existing indoor chime. On the ring website it shows a schematic which includes the power pro kit V3 and shows it is using a 16-24 VAC transformer, it also shows disconnecting the wiring on the pro kit and taking off the sticker to reveal connectors which are not on my V3 kit? I think this is for an earlier version???

My simple question is if I connect the new 16VAC 30 VA transformer straight to my pro two doorbell do I need to use the power pro kit at all?? Also what does that power kit do???

Thanks for any help in advance.


Hi @Robert308. I’ve answered your question in this post here. Yes, you can hardwire your Ring Pro 2 directly to your transformer.