Video Doorbell Pro 2 not showing on windows app dashboard

Just upgraded to a video doorbell pro 2. It is coming up on my phone’s Ring app but does not appear on my Ring windows pc app. Did I just waste a lot of money on an upgraded doorbell that is not going to work where I need it to?

Hi @dave2282r. Thank you for sharing your experience with us regarding the Ring Windows app. The reason you are not seeing your new Ring Pro 2 in the Windows app is because it no longer receives device or feature updates, though they will continue to receive critical security and bug updates. We suggest using to view your devices on a desktop computer. The team here is continuously working to add features to improve your experience. Thank you for being a great neighbor, please let us know if you have any additional questions.

It appears the Windows Store app for Ring is deprecated and no longer supported by Ring. Pretty sad and pathetic.


I think I am missing something here. How do we get our notifications to play from the website?