Video Doorbell Pro 2 Mounting

Hi all, are the screw / mounting points for the video doorbell pro 2 the same as the video doorbell pro? E.g can I replace my video doorbell pro with the pro 2 and use the same screw holes in my door frame?

Thank you

Hey @RichieDD. Great question! Yes, the holes for the mounting plate with be the same for the Ring Doorbell Pro and the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. This is information that I’ve confirmed with my team, so if you decide to upgrade, it should be smooth sailing!

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What about for the Doorbell 3 or 4? I have a Video Doorbell 2 with a solar charger, and I am trying to determine if I can install a 3 or 4 (with or without the solar charger) into the same screw holes drilled into the side of my house…and neither pre-sale nor technical support at Ring is able to answer this question. Thanks.