Video Doorbell Pro 2 "in home" mechanical doorbell not working

I recently installed a Video Doorbell Pro 2 and I can’t get my in home mechanical chime to work.

Home was built in 2018. The doorbell worked previously. I got the “chime” to work once but it never seems to fire. I’ve re-wired both the doorbell and chime several times.

Voltage says “Good” and 17v. Power Output is Level 1.

Any ideas or places to troubleshoot? Pictures are attached as well.
EDIT: Picture of doorbell wiring in the reply due to forum limitation.

Have to ask, did you set the chime to mechanical in the setup? Also, try to get your wiring on the video doorbell to really wrap around the screws. Insures power is consistent.

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This is how I’ve had it saved.

I haven’t had any intermittent issues but I can rewrap anyway.

Just installed Pro2 and having same issue. I assume my transformer isn’t powerful enough. I have an Alexa in the room and that chimes so probably not going to worry about it.