Video Doorbell Operating Problems

Hello, I am frustrated with my Video Doorbell. It is a Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). This doorbell is wired to Heath / Zenith Westminster Door Chime which is an electronic chime. This setup worked well for a while and then it the middle of the night the doorbell would ring and not stop. The only way to stop this behavior was to press the doorbell button (the white ring turned partially blue and raced around) and then the ringing stopped. However, in a few cases, the doorbell began the unending ring cycle later that night. One night about a month ago, the unending ring cycle began and when the doorbell button was pushed the unending ring cycle stopped, however, the next day we observed that you had to push the doorbell button twice to get the electronic chime to ring.

We have tried pushing the orange button on the back of the doorbell and going through the set up found in the app but nothing works and now pushing the doorbell button does nothing except play the three tone series.

I really would like to get this fixed so it works all of the time.

So far I find the help on the app does not have anything to help resolve this issue.

How can this be fixed?

Thank you

Hi @PeggyB. First, you’ll need to check if your specific model chime kit is compatible. You can find that information here. Once you’ve verified that information, open the Ring app to your Device Settings menu, then select General Settings to ensure that you’ve selected Digital Chime Kit. This should correct your issue.