Video Doorbell Offline while abroad

My video doorbell has gone offline on the first day of my holiday abroad. Now I have no one to go and press the physical button on the doorbell to reconnect it to the wifi.

There is no option on the doorbell to remotely enable the doorbell to reconnect. This has been an absolute waste of money and time. Why would create a device that can render itself useless if there has been an interruption. All my other devices are working perfectly and connected to the wifi except devices (doorbell and chime).

Calling the customer support from abroad is of no use. They tell you that they can not do anything remotely. The customer support informed me that the ring doorbell will try to reconnect to wifi automatically twice over a ten minute period after that it is offline permanently. Why can’t the device try to reconnect every 24 hours? Atleast give the device something to work with.

          I am so thankful for what you did.

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