Video doorbell not notifying

I installed my Doorbell a few weeks back and for some reason I dont know if I hit a setting but now its not notifying me when someone comes into my yard. Twice now someone has come into the yard (luckily I knew about it both times.) but it never sends a msg saying theres a motion. One time it never even recorded the person dropping off a package at the house. I do live on a busy street so maybe that has something to do with it? Im out of ideas anyone have any help? It still notifies for me when a car drives by though.

I also noticed that after it picks up a motion that the footage right after is unavaliable for a couple of minutes so maybe that has something to do with it?

Hi @bjones3. I would start by adjusting your Motion Frequency. This will ensure there is minimal dwell time between your recordings. Next, make sure your Motion Alerts and Ring Alerts are turned on. Also, it is completely normal for the footage to take a few minutes to become available on your Event History Timeline. I hope this helps!