Video Doorbell not charging


My video doorbell will not charge, no blue light. I have tried resetting it to no avail. When I press the doorbell a solid white light comes on and stays on.

Can you help ?

Hey @BrianCrelling. Do you have the Ring Video Doorbell or the Ring Video Doorbell 2? Additionally, how long are you leaving the device to charge when you are attempting to charge it? Normally the device will take about 8 hours to charge, but if you are getting a white light after pressing the setup button, it is holding some of the charge as there is a sign of life on the device. Please let me know if this white light is only on when it’s plugged in, and maybe it goes away and the device’s battery dies once unplugged. Hope to hear back from you!


I have the first generation Video Doorbell. It’s not holding a charge anymore. For example, I will charge it for about 12 hours and the Ring app notifies me that my battery is at 0% (and it wont allow me to tap to “Go Live”.

Additionally, while it’s plugged in to be charged, the App will message me to tell me that my battery is low.

Any advice?

@eze If your device is not holding a charge, it is best to be in touch with our support team over the phone here to do any advanced troubleshooting on the device!