Video doorbell night lighting lights

I have a video doorbell pro. Works great! Issue is there is no night lighting so there is just a blank black screen when it is dark. I see there are smart flood lights available. Do you need to buy the bridge to have this work? Does this automatically turn on lights with motion or when the doorbell is pressed?

These are great questions, @Twish! Night vision, or low light lens adjustment, can certainly be optimized by adding artificial lighting. Our help center article about night vision and the Color night vision feature, has some tips on improving this experience.

Our Smart Lighting devices are a great way to increase lighting in any area around your home. The Ring Smart Lighting devices do require a Bridge to operate from the Ring app, or a compatible Echo device can be used as a Bridge. These can also be linked in the Ring app to your other Ring devices to automate certain operations like lights and more! :slight_smile: