Video Doorbell Low Power

Just installed Video Doorbell 2 and hardwired it to stop me having to charge battery up manually.

Power Source on App showing Hardwired and have a white ring on the doorbell itself (as per photo) indicating it’s connected corectly but the battery level keeps decreasing, now down to 18%.

It’s wired to a 24V AC transformer with a wirewound 50 ohm resist conencted in series.

It’s about 8 degrees celcius here at the moment so low temperature shouldn’t be an issue.

Anyone experienced similar issues?


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The battery is rated to last for at least 600 events (motions, rings, live views). Hardwiring the Ring Video Doorbell 2 trickle charges the battery around 10% a day. If you average more then 35 events a day, the charging rate will not be able to keep with battery usage rate and start slowly declining.


What is the VA or Wattage rating of the transformer?

What purpose does the 50 Ohm resistor serve?

When I first installed my Video Doorbell 2, the transformer was 16 volt, 10 VA. The battery would slowly drain. I changed the transformer to 16 volt, 30 VA and now the battery is always 98- 100%.


The suggested transformer rating for a Video Doorbell is 16V 30va. The Resistor is only required in the absence of a mechanical/digital chime wired inside your home to prevent potential damage to the Video Doorbell. With battery devices, extremely cold/hot temperatures may also cause the battery to drain rapidly, even when hardwired.


When your old transformer was connected to the Ring doorbell unit, would the doorbell unit power up without the battery? I’m attempting to install the Ring video doorbell 2 and this is the problem I’m having. I checked the transformer output at the doorbell and it’s getting power. Thanks.

The video Doorbell 2 will not work without the battery installed. The doorbell unit is not powered through the wiring, it draws power from the battery. Having it hardwired simply charges the battery.

Makes sense now. In the app the health shows “Poor” for the power status. My current transformer is 16 volt, 10 VA. I’ll be replacing it with the one that Electromen did (16 volt, 30 VA). Thanks!

It is recommended to fully charge the battery before using the Video Doorbell. If you click on the “poor” power status, it will switch over and show you the actual battery level. It will continue indicating poor as long as it is below 25%. Let the battery charge until only the green light remains on the battery pack. That poor status should clear away after that.