Video Doorbell Keeps Freezing

I have a Video doorbell that keeps freezing every 2 hours. As it is battery powered, I have to remove the doorbell, plug it into the charger and eventually it reconnects and all is good. Approx 2 hours later it will stop working and I have to plug it back in to the charger again. I have charged the doorbell for over 12 hours and I have tried moving the doorbell next to my WIFI router, then leaving it but again a couple of hours later it has frozen and I have to plug back into the charger to get it working again. I have tried a factory reset, including deleting the device from the app but the problem persists. Occasionally it will go through a cycle of rebooting as the blue LED’s flash for a couple few seconds and then it will reconnect. Any suggestions on how to resolve?

How old is your doorbell? Sounds like your batteries have hit their life cycle having to be put on charge every 2 hours. Try replacing your batteries.