Video doorbell jumper wire

What will happen if I choose to not use the jumper wire? I want to hear my doorbell chime when I push the doorbell button.

What does happen? You can try your setup pretty quickly and easily by doing a quick test before you tighten everything down and seal it up.

No help I want to know if it will damage anything before I try it

Then don’t risk it and follow the instruction if you are in doubt.

Just was hoping someone has tried this who could chime in

Was that a pun? I have the same question. Reinstalled a video pro at our new house, same brand doorbell as the old house. Old house doorbell rang, new house nothing.

Hi @Ndelviii. Which model Doorbell do you have? The Doorbell Wired, which uses the Jumper Wire, is not compatible with any chime kit. If this is what you have installed, you will not hear anything inside when the doorbell button is pushed.