Video Doorbell Gen 1

Hello, I have finally gotten around to trying to get my doorbell hardwired and have run into many issues. I’ve replaced my transformer (16V, 30VAC) and bypassed my mechanical chime using the ring resistor. I’m still showing as on Battery and not hardwired. Everything I found online was for the Video Doorbell Pro, which doesn’t help me. Does anyone have any advice for me? I’m tired of sharing this thing. I’d prefer to bring my chime back into the mix, but if I can’t its not a deal breaker.

Hi there, @raymondoooo! Great call replacing the transformer and bypassing the chime kit. This definitely ensures enough power is being delivered. The next best thing to check is the wiring itself. While enough power is being delivered, is it making it to your Doorbell effectively. This will be true if your wiring is standard wire gauge, not frayed or corroded, and securely connected at the transformer, resistor, and Doorbell.

Once wiring is confirmed as sufficient, monitor your battery levels over 24 hours to see if the battery is remaining charged or at least not draining as quickly. Keep in mind that there are factors that might drain battery quicker than it can charge from the supplied power. Fine tuning motion detection, usage in general, and optimizing wifi signal will ensure for optimal battery use. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: