Video Doorbell Elite - Power over Ethernet

Hey guys,

I’m in the process of building a new house, and have decided to get myself a Ring Video Doorbell Elite from the start. I asked the contractor to pull a regular power cable and a regular UTP (Ethernet) cable to the location of the doorbell.

It says that the product requires “Power Over Ethernet”. I’m guessing a regular UTP cable that’s pulled directly from my router won’t suffice, and I’ll need some sort of transformer. In one of the videos by Ring, I noticed something called a “Ring Elite Power Kit”, however I can’t seem to find it on their website anymore.

Can someone help me with the technical components I need in order to ensure I can get that Ring Video Doorbell Elite working correctly?

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Hey @Beyond. You can see what the setup of the Doorbell Elite looks like in our setup video here and then what the setup of the Elite Power Kit looks like here. When purchasing the Ring Video Doorbell Elite, everything you need is included in the box. For a more in-depth guide of what the installation looks like, you can check out the manual here.

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Hello Chelsea,

I see, so the Elite Power Kit is included in the box of the Doorbell Elite. Great!

So all I need to make sure is that I have an Ethernet cable that runs from my router to the location of my doorbell (through the wall).


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