Video Doorbell doesn't connect to Wifi Pod

I am using video doorbell pro 2. I’ve a Wifi pod in my house. The issue is the doorbell doesn’t want to connect to the wifi pod, it prefer the gateway despite the poor signal, I’ve tried every thing like change the location of pod almost every where in the house, reset the doorbell and rest the modem still connect to the modem not the pod. Sometimes It connects to the pod then goes back to the gateway. When it connects to the pod gives RSSI-40 signal, but gateway provides RSSI-75 which makes it freeze. Any one can help?

Hi @adawood. Does your wifi pod consolidate your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi networks? If so, this is most likely the reason that it is not staying connected to it. When your network is configured to automatically switch between 2.4/5 GHz, the Ring Pro 2 could lose its connection. Try connecting it to a dedicated 2.4 GHz network to see if that improves your concern.