Video Doorbell doesn’t ring inside the house


I need help with the volume of the ring doorbell. It rings outside but not inside the house. How do we get it so we hear the doorbell? Thanks.

what type of ring video doorbell do we have?

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I have Ring Doorbell 2020 edition. I got it to ring on my phone, but I would be able to hear it within the house.


It might be a dumb question but do you have a linked Chime inside the house?

If no, you need to get one.

If yes, there are two options to change the sound:

  1. In the “Ring” app go to the “Device Settings “-Notification settings-Linked Chimes- Rings- select the chime and check “Alert you” ( other option is ”do nothing “ you might have this selected now)
  2. In the “Ring” app go to the “Device Settings “- In home chime settings-advanced settings- Chime type- select other then “none”
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