Video Doorbell Constantly Going offline

I have 2 Video Doorbell Pro’s wired–one on the front door and one on the side door.

I have installed a 24/40V transformer to help power both. I have them wired through a mechanical chime.

Long story is the side door works all the time while the front door almost never works. I can reset it and have it powered on but then it will lose power/connectivity within hours (if not sooner). When the front is working the device health looks great and then will just cut off.


Hi @ac35. To clarify, do you have two Doorbell Pros wired to one transformer without an existing doorbell chime kit? I’d recommend reviewing our wiring diagram in our Help Center Article here, which does have a diagram for how to wire two Doorbell Pros to one transformer. If the wiring isn’t set up properly, that could be why one of the Doorbells is having connectivity problems.