Video doorbell and 'mechanical' chimes - UK

Hi All,
Am in the UK and looking to get some clarity. I was looking to buy a video doorbell to replace my simple old non-video bell push, but I’ve now discovered that ~99% of the UK doorchimes run on 6-8v DC and not the 16v DC needed for the Ring doorbell. I’ve also been unable to find a 16v chime available for sale in the UK and so this would suggest that I am unable to do anything except have a fully wi-fi doorbell.
However, I also spoke to the Ring on-line chat yesterday as I wanted to confirm that I could hardwire the Ring video doorbell to an existing mechanical chime so that I could ensure that at least one doorbell in the house was not 100% wi-fi reliant. However, they stated that if the wi-fi was down, even the hardwired mechanical chime would not operate…suggesting that even if I did have a 16v chime it would still not operate without wi-fi…does anyone here know if this is true or not?
Whilst I’ve been doing my research I also spoke with a number of friends about video doorbells and a significant number of them said they had decided not to buy one because of the reliance of the door chime on the wi-fi signal.
So, not having a 16V chime available for the UK market would seem to be a bit of an oversight in the Ring UK product range and perhaps an opportunity to get ahead of the competition :slight_smile:

I’m also in th UK, recently bought the Ring Doorbell 3 and had the same query. Found this link and bought the Byron 776 off Amazon. I’ve not had time to install it yet but as far as I’m aware from the wiring diagram, when you press the doorbell as it’s hardwired it will ring the mechanical chime regardless of the wifi state. I remember reading about this on several websites, but the only one I can find easily is this one which confirms that “Ring video doorbells still work as normal doorbells if you hardwire them to your existing doorbell or have a Ring Chime accessory. You can’t watch video, get notifications, or talk to visitors without Wi-Fi.” Hope that helps.

Hi JB,
Thanks for the response…very interesting and good to hear that the chime will still work if hardwired and there is no wi-fi.
FYI, I just took a look at the Byron 776 and it seems as though its an 8v unit and so unless the transformer is actually rated at 8-16V, it theoretically won’t work. As a matter of interest, have you actually checked what the transformer says? If not, I might actually wait until you install to see what happens :slight_smile:

Spec is 8v and the transformer is marked up as 8v on the outside, but from the YouTube videos I’ve watched, most people who’ve tested it are getting substantially more than that out of it; average seems to be around 12 to 15v. Every indication is that it’s enough (fingers crossed). Probably be a good 2-3 weeks before I can get it installed as I’ve got to install a closer mains point first and I’m not planning on doing the outside part until the weather gets above freezing your fingertips off lol! Will update once I’ve done it.

OK, cool. Thanks for the update. This does seem to be a general problem/question across all of the video doorbells for the UK market.