Video doorbell 4 offline

Hi All,
My video doorbell 4 is suddenly offline. It has worked ok for a few months but went offline yesterday.
I have factory reset it 2 times, have tried a new battery.
Nothing on my network has changed, I have tried creating a dedicated SSID with no other devices etc and tried both 2.4 and 5 Ghz for testing and face the same issue.
During the setup it connects to Wifi fine, then fetches a firmware update then never comes back. In my wifi logs i can see it connecting every 5 mins or so for about 30 seconds then disconnects.
The strange part is the motion detection is fine and is uploading videos, however the app and online desktop still report it as offline.
I also have a spotlight camera in the same area further from my AP that is working with no dramas.

Finally the AP is less than 5 metres away from the doorbell and other devices using the Wifi have no issues what so ever.
Any ideas / anyone else facing this issue. I did call support but they were next to useless and said reboot the AP and try the setup again.

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Hi @user41298. I appreciate you trying those troubleshooting steps to help resolve your concern. We have this Help Center article with other steps you can try if your Doorbell 4 keeps falling offline. If you try the additional steps and still have the same concern, reach out to our support team to have your issue investigated. Since this is an ongoing concern, when you call in, you can ask to work with our advanced technical support. You can also reach out to our support team on Facebook by sending them a private message to @Ring.

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