Video Doorbell 4 Mounting Screw Size?

I purchased the new Ring Video Doorbell 4 wired & battery options. The mounting screws that came with it are too short due to a vinyl extension from the wood. I have searched everywhere for the exact specs of the screws, such as thread size, length, head type, etc. It seems like this information is protected as well as the nuclear codes. Does anyone know the screw size? With that information I can simply get the correct screw in a length that I need. Doesn’t Ring have a parts spec sheet?

Please help!

Glad you asked, @Jac2be! The mounting screws used for your Video Doorbell are comparable to standard wood screws. Specifically, the screw size used for our Video Doorbells is Phil 2# , F+ST3*25TP1. Visiting your local hardware store with these specifications will assist you in obtaining the right screw size needed for your installation. I also appreciate your feedback in regards to the availability of this information, and will certainly share this with the appropriate team. :slight_smile:


A good local hardware store should have a fastener aisle [like this] which will allow you to match, or replace, and buy them individually, instead of packages like Home Despot or the other big chains will.

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