Video Doorbell 4 motion detection problems

I had an older version doorbell that worked perfectly. The Doorbell 4 has been nothing but trouble.

The doorbell frequently detects things that are far away from the door, like someone on the sidewalk.

It sometimes detects people who walk up to the door, but often it doesn’t detect them until they actually ring the bell.

It detects us when we leave the house.

Somehow, it never (and I mean never) detects delivery people leaving packages. I find out there’s a delivery when I get an email saying my package was delivered. But the doorbell never ever ever sees the delivery people.

I have tried all the usual things, like adjusting the zones and changing the sensitivity.

Today, someone came to the door & the doorbell detected them and gave us a motion alert just before they rang the bell. But two hours later I got an email telling me a package was delivered - the doorbell never knew it.

What about adjusting Frequency? (I don’t know if your device supports that or not)
Typically the reason why some people are seen and others aren’t is how long they are in “view” of your doorbell. People who walk/run fast to your door and then away again can be missed as the doorbell hasn’t had time to wake up.
I had to tweak my doorbell settings and eventually I got another camera that sees folks coming up my driveway (where people walk up) , and because it is linked to my doorbell it’ll wake it up and I’ve yet to miss anyone coming to my door.

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Good idea - I’ll try changing frequency. However, buying yet another camera to wake up this camera isn’t practical for me. I don’t have a long driveway or anything else that needs to be monitored.