Video Doorbell 4 charging

Set up a ring system for my mother, including a Ring Video Doorbell 4. As there was no obvious power source nearby, I opted for the solar panel that iis integrated with the doorbell. It sits around the outside of the bell.

I realised there was some risk as I am in the Uk and south facing is best for these. the position is much more South West/West South West.

Unfortunately, this did not seem to charge the doorbell. What is worse is that the doorbell went from 100% to 19% in 5 days. I realise there may have been motion capture setting issues and did remove as many potential motion events as possible.

However, I have come to the conclusion that it would be better if I could ensure a continuous charge.

I can run a long lead to a power source but am not sure if this doorbell would even support that.

From what I can gather, a usb can only connect to the back of the battery pack and that would be inside the case. The charging connection for the solar panel is 2 tightening screws on the back of the doorbell case which I assume I would need to use.

Is this possible and, given I am in the uk and need a 5m cable to reach a UK plug socket, what would people recommend for accessories to do this?

****** Update

I see now that there is a Plug-In Adapter that looks suitable. Is that what I should be purchasing?

Hi @user28475. The Solar Charger for the Video Doorbell requires several hours of direct sunlight per day in order to provide a trickle charge to the battery, which helps the battery stay topped off longer. In this situation, it may be harder for the Solar Charger to get enough direct sunlight. Adjusting the motion settings was a good a call when you noticed the battery was draining rather quickly, as it may have been recording a high number of events. You’re also correct that you can use the Plug-In Adapter with the Video Doorbell 4 for a continuous source of power. :slight_smile: