Video Doorbell 4 - Battery

I’ve had my Ring Doorbell4 since July. It feels like I’m currently charging the battery every month. I had read the battery lasts approx 6 months with normal usage.
Should I reach out to Ring?

Hi @rhd2023. How long the battery lasts between charges can vary depending on several factors, including the amount of activity your Doorbell records and the weather. We have some information on unexpected battery drain here that may help. It’s also important to consider how the cold weather affects the lithium-ion battery in your Doorbell. Very cold weather can cause the battery to drain more quickly, or prevent it from holding a charger properly.

does the ring 4 battery last longer than ring 2. I have a ring 2 and now on my 4th set of new batteries because was only lasting a few days. Now the new batteries last 5-7 in the winter.

Hi @user79528. Both the Ring Doorbell 4 and the Ring Doorbell 2 utilize the same battery, the Quick Release Battery Pack. Excessive battery drain is likely caused by having a large number of events recorded each day, or having long recordings. This will actively drain the battery, so I’d recommend reviewing your motion settings to see if there are any adjustments you can make.