Video doorbell 4 and existing dumb doorbell in parallel?

Hi Folks. I’ve searched for information of the possibility of having an existing dumb doorbell push switch, existing transformer (if suitable) and existing dumb chime powered in parallel with a video doorbell 4. I cannot find a wiring diagram for this scenario. Would I need a module or diodes to get this to work. It’s very difficult to get new wiring to where the video doorbell 4 is, but the old bell push is only 6” below. I want both bell pushes working independently of each other. I’m sick of having to swap the battery every three weeks. If I decide to go on holiday for more than three weeks, I lose the option of “answering the door” when not at home. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi @vintageb3. The Ring Video Doorbell is designed to replace your existing doorbell button on a typical doorbell circuit. Attempting an installation in which you have both the Ring Doorbell and an existing doorbell button would be outside of the recommended installation, so we cannot advise on what to do. I’d highly suggest consulting a qualified electrician to ensure your safety if you attempt this configuration.

Regarding the battery in your Doorbell, we have some troubleshooting steps and information here for unexpected battery drain. Various factors will affect how quickly the battery drains, including activity levels and the weather. Adjusting some settings to reduce the amount of activity your Doorbell records can help extend the battery life, which may be useful when you are going away for an extended amount of time.