Video Doorbell 3 vs Video Doorbell 4

Hey everyone,

After reading this review about the Video Doorbell 3 I was pretty set on getting a Video Doorbell 3, but when I was about to make a purchase I realised that the Video Doorbell 4 has been released.

Looking at the feature comparison, it looks like literally the only difference is that the Video Doorbell 4 has Color Pre-roll, which as far as I can gather starts recording before someone actually rings the doorbell, and it seems that at least for some people on the forum it’s not very helpful.

Has anyone else had the chance to experience colour pre-roll with the Video Doorbell 4? Does anyone think it’s worth the extra $30 AUD (or 19 Freedom Dollars :wink:)?

Cheers in advance!

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While the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is still an amazing bell with plenty of great features, the Ring Video Doorbell 4 turns things up a notch in a few crucial ways — specifically, with colorised Pre-Roll and enhanced Wi-Fi and battery — and for just a few dollars more than the older generation. In a nutshell: If we’re the ones spending the money, we’re going with the Ring Video Doorbell 4 as our Ring product of choice.

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