Video Doorbell 3 Pro sound breaks up when bluetooth is switched on mobile phone

I have recently noticed that the sound on my Doorbell 3 breaks up badly when trying to talk to someone at the door from my mobile phone. I note elsewhere on this forum that this can occur if bluetooth is switched on the mobile phone.

My mobile when in the house connects to my landline phone via bluetooth, so that I can answer, or make, a mobile phone call on any landline phone elsewhere in the house. It also connects to the MBUX system when in my car.

To check this issue out I did firstly try switching off bluetooth on the mobile phone and the sound does then seem to be OK.

I then tried re-installing both the Doorbell and the mobile phone Ring app, but this did not make any difference.

In other topics the suggestion is to turn off bluetooth on the mobile phone. But the facility to answer, or make, mobile calls on any landline phone is quite useful.

So is there any chance this can be fixed? It is a bit inconvenient to remember to turn off bluetooth before I can answer the doorbell!

I have just noticed that when using my mobile Ring app to select ‘live’ on the doorbell, bluetooth is in fact automatically turned off on the mobile for the duration.

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