Video Doorbell 3 poor picture and sound

I installed my first Ring device this weekend. (Ring Video Doorbell 3 + Ring Chime)

I am surprised the poor picture (many times pixelized) quality, and the cracky sound from the device when I try to talk-back to the person standing at the door.

Before you complain on the network, the Access Point is just behind the fromt door, 1.5m far from the device, and this is the ONLY device connected to that AP. Still Signal Strenght is RSSI-56 (no clue what does 56 means, if it is good or bad)

Measuring Internet access it shows 100Mbps down/10Mbps up.

When someone pushes the doorbell and I want to see with live view who is it, it tooks 18-20sec to show the picture.

Hey @Zsolt. Thanks so much for detailing your information, as well as some keep points from your Device Health section. The setup does seem ideal and it seems like there should be a solid connection to allow you a way better image quality than what you have. Could you try resetting the Doorbell by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds? After 20 seconds, go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Doorbell > Device Health > Change Wifi Network. This will walk you through another setup of your device to re-establish this connection after the reset. Allow the device a few minutes to update the firmware again, and then check the Live View and let me know how the quality of the video is after that! :slight_smile:

Dear Chelsea,

Today I followed your suggestion.

First, sound is good now.

Picture: I did not encounter pixelization since yesterday (so even before the new setup).

Issues I still have and rather disturbing on a level that I am thinking to send back the whole package:

  • In the past two days I never got notification, nothing recorded when our postman dropped-in letters
  • Recording starts too late: the device only recorded the back of the newspaper delivery man.
  • When I unscrewed the front panel to reset the device, I was not recorded, so anyone could tamper the device?
  • There is a part of the screen which is foggy (see attached). Initially I thought it is due to the original plastic protection cover, but it stays there after removing the plastic film. I also tried with HDR and non-HDR video settings.
  • Now (after the reset) I am getting notification that there is a person at our front door, but there is nobody (I am working next to the door in the dining room right now)
  • I still did not get reply in the community how the device charges itself from the original doorbell wiring if it shows to me 0 V on the wires.

So, the product, services of Ring is disappointing. I am experiencing with it in the coming days, but in case no improvement, it should go back.

Best Regards


Hi @Zsolt - chiming in for @Chelsea_Ring :slight_smile:

First, the Ring Community is a neighbor - to - neighbor forum. If a post goes unanswered, we’ll get to it, but ultimately we are pushing for peer - to - peer help.

From your recent post, it sounds like we could adjust your motion zones and settings a bit. Want to send over a picture of how you currently have your zones? Also, do you currently have any of the Wedge or Corner Kits installed on your device? Please keep in mind, that finding the best motion zones for you and your home can take a bit of trial and error – don’t sweat, we’ll help find you the best ones for your setting!

We’ll take a look at that picture attach and ask some team members what may be going on. Sorry I don’t know off the top of my head – but again, we’ll get it sorted out for you :slight_smile:

Appreciate your patience!

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