Video Doorbell 3 Plus Water

We got our doorbell just a month ago and it already has water built up inside of the doorbell. I thought it was just condensation at first, but it has not evaporated and has been there for over a week. There is a roof over the doorbell, so the only time water really gets in contact is if there is a strong storm and the wind is blowing hard. That should not be enough to cause this, but it did happen around the same time as the first good storm rolled through. A little disappointed that this would happen, especially after what we paid for it. The preview video doesn’t work any longer and the video itself is black & white like it is nighttime, so I’m assuming that it covered a light sensor? Attached are a few photos showing the issue. Any advice on how to remedy this? Any help would be appreciated.

Wouldn’t allow me to attach the third picture. This picture shows a snapshot of the video in broad daylight after the preview. It should’nt be black & white.

It definitely should not have water in it and should not be in black and white.
I’d call customer service for a replacement.
Information on customer support below.

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